Fuerte Avocados

Known for:
  • Pear-shape
  • Medium seed
  • Peels easily
  • Great taste
  • Average size weight 290 – 380g
  • Smooth, thin green skin
  • Creamy, pale green flesh
You know it’s ripe when:
  • Fruit yields to gentle pressure
  • Skin remains green


Fuerte avocados have a pronounced pear shape. Their skin is thin, glossy, green and slightly textured. Their skin is also relatively loose, making Fuertes easy to peel.

The skin is thin, leathery, slightly rough, and pale yellow flesh – almost free of fibre – has an outstanding flavour. The oil content ranges between 16 – 25% and the seed separates cleanly from the flesh.

Because Fuerte has a long period of bloom, there may be more than one set of fruits on the trees simultaneously.